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CLICK HERE for The Purple Poets'  on-going instant anthology -
Postcard Poems of Camden Heroes
Send us a hero! Send us a poem!

Purple Poets

Babushka, Bithi Das, Brenda Stevenson, Carol Moon,
Eileen Francis, Eppie Caredda, Ferdous Rahman,
Serajul Islam Molla, Jean Watt, Nahar Islam, Patsy Futatsugi, Shelagh Beale.

National Poetry Day 2009 - GUESTS
poster by Urmi Alim and cartoonist Colin Shelbourn

(and written postcards for the archive)
The First Open Reading of postcard poems of CAMDEN HEROES
at the Purple Poets' Camden Town Hall Celebration
National Poetry Day 2009


PROGRAMME 08.10.2009
starWelcome by the 2009 Mayor of Camden,
Councillor Omar Faruque Ansari

starSpecial Guests Poets reading
Alan Brownjohn and Elaine Feinstein

starOpen reading by Camden Postcard Poets

stara special poetry/film presentation by JoWOnder
six Days Good-bye Poems to Ophelia

starOctober is Black History Month.
As a gift to the West Euston Time Bank,
Janett Plummer read a poem to celebrate
Black History Month

Janett will also be reading at the Lewisham Library
8:00 - 9:30 November 10th 2009.
for more Black History Events, please check:

starwith a special display of sketches of Camden writers
(Beryl Bainbridge, Adrian Mitchell, Andrew Motion, Ruth Padel and Harold Pinter)
by artist and poet Heather Spears
drawn during her ten years
as artist-in-residence
at the Cheltenham Literary Festival

archival photographs of the readings
taken by Tony Bloor and Steve Merrick

Purple Poet Interview, page 11 of the September issue of the Camden Golden Gazette, with editor Rosemary Howes  * download: Golden Gazette autumn 2009 (PDF 504KB)

2009 National Poetry Day
ARCHIVE:  06.10.2009
contributors and confirmed guests (in order of confirming)

ON OCTOBER 8th 2009?


National Poetry Day, Camden Town Hall
Thursday October 8th 2009
hosted by the Purple Poets and Kim Morrissey
(writer-in-residence for West Euston Time Bank)

Mayor of Camden, Councillor Ansari

Special Guest Poet 2009
Alan Brownjohn

Special Guest Poet 2009
Elaine Feinstein

Honoured Guest: Richard Price
(Purple Poets' Special Guest Poet 2006 NPD)

Honoured Guest: Rosemary Howes
editor of the Camden Golden Gazette

Honoured Guest: William Radice
translator, playwright and poet

Honoured Guest: JoWOnder
artist, who will show her work-in-progress

Honoured Guest: Katya Schmidt
poet, journalist, and spontaneous dancer

visiting from Germany
(Katya painted our CAMDEN HEROES banners)

Honoured Guest: Bernard Miller
novelist and researcher
(and the Purple Poets' constitution expert)

Honoured Guest : Barbara Hughes
much loved three times Mayor of Camden

Honored Guest; Karen Katkin
Islington journalist and novelist

Honored Guest: Abdul Mohen
North London Writer's Group

Honoured Guest: Janet Plummer
poet (reading a poem written for Black History Month)
Black History Month monthly events 2009
10th November, 8:00 - 9:30 p.m. Lewisham Library.

Janett Plummer introduces Lifemarks.
Multi-slam winner for performed poetry and recipient of the Gwendolyn Brooks Award for her written work, Janett Plummer’s Lifemarks explores the journey from girl to woman.

Honoured Guests: Clapham Park Time Bank Poets

Honoured Guests: Rushey Green Time Bank Poets
bringing poems to honour Black History Month

Honoured Guests: Hilldrop Time Bank Pegasus Poets
(sending best wished from their poetry tutor, Tessa Dummett)
Euwla Harrison
Joan Hewitt

Honoured Guest: Laura Snoad
journalist, City Lit

Honoured Guest: Rhiannon Rees
Members' Services Co-ordinator
Camden Council

Honoured Guest: Colin Ikeji
West Euston Partnership
West Euston Partnership’s One Stop Shop
corner of Robert St & Hampstead Rd
London NW1 3ED
telephone 020 7388 7932

Honoured Guest: Christine
Grand-daughter of poet Marjorie Pallitt

Honoured Guest: Etienne
(with his mother)
baby son of poet Vincent Berquez

will perform poems
by absent Postcard Poets
and write their own 'Living Library of Heroes'
directed by their tutor, Gary Kielty
Anita (hero: Virginia Woolf)
Bridget (hero: Nell Gwynn) ; poem written by her son (to Mom)
Eileen (hero: Elizabeth Garrett Anderson) ; poem
Kathy (hero: Nell Gynn's servant); poem to Michael Palin
Martin (hero: Dylan Thomas); read Michael Kietley's poem to Kenneth Williams
Pamela (hero: Christina Rossetti)
Anita and Peter (hero: Dr. Jose Rizal) poem-in-progress
Rita (hero: Sylvia Plath) poem to Slyvia
Eppie Caredda's poem written to Father Alan Fudge

HERO (and general dogsbody) Tony Bloor
West Euston Time Bank and Third Age Project co-ordinator
(part of the West Euston Partnership)
Tony, who had the courage and vision and madness
to trust National Poetry Day
to a poet!

(written postcards for the archive)

Camden Postcard Poet
HERO 1: The young soldier
poem: Hero
HERO 2: The Soldier's Mother
poem: 'Heroine'

Shelagh Beale
Camden Postcard Poem
HERO: 'My Godfather'

Vincent Berquez
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: The Camden Artist
poem: 'The Last Bloomsbury Artist'
"Vincent Berquez is an artist, poet, a curator and sometimes works in Broadcasting –" www.vincentberquez.com

Eppie Caredda
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Father Alan Fudge
Poem: 'My Hero
(dedicated to Father Alan Fudge
who changed my life)'

Bithi Das
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Tagore
Poem: 'Remembering Tagore'

Ottis Edwards
Rushey Green Time Bank
Poem: 'A Notable Woman'
(to Winnie Mandela)
poem to celebrate Black History month

Eileen Frances
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Poem: 'Who Am I?'

Michael Kielty
(poem read by Martin of the TADs)
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Kenneth Williams
Poem: 'Blue Plaque, 57 Marchmont Street:
(unveiled October 11th 2009)'

Patsy Futatsugi
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Johnnie Morten
Poem: 'A HERO'

Fiona Green
Camden Postcard Poet
HEROINE: Roisin Gadelrab
Poem: 'Heroine: Roisin Gadelrab
- CNJ Campaigning Journalist'

Euwla Harrison
Hilldrop Time Bank

Joan Hewitt
Hilldrop Time Bank
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: John Betjeman
Poem: 'His Words Live On'
HERO: Charles Dickens
Poem: Camden Characters: 'Charles Dickens'

Robert Ilson
HERO: The Many Heroes of Camden

Robert Ilson is an Honorary Research
Fellow  of University College London,
sometime Associate Director
of its Survey of English Usage,
and a writer, editor, language-teacher,
and lexicographer doomed at last
to wake a poet (as Samuel
Johnson was "a poet doomed
at last to wake a lexicographer").

Nahar Islam
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Camden Mothers
Poem: 'Every Mother is a Hero'

Irma Kurtz
HERO: The Camden Hoodie
poem: 'A Camden Hero: The Boy in a Hood'

Serajul Islam Molla
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: William Radice
poem: 'The Bridge-maker:
for Dr. William Radice'

Kim Morrissey
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Rose Hacker
poem 'Imagine Rose Dancing'
published in Atlas 02 (edited by Sudeep Sen)

Richard Niman
Camden Postcard Poet
HEROES  Camden artists
Camden artist and poet (website)

Mrs. Marjorie Pallitt
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Nigerian Carers
Poem 'Nigerian Carers'
other work: article 'Queen of the Road'
and poem 'Sunrise to Sunset'
published in the Camden Golden Gazette summer 2005
guest: Christine (her grand-daughter)

Janett Plummer
poem to celebrate Black History month

William Radice
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Betty Radice
(Dr. Radice is also the invited hero of S.I. Molla)

Ferdous Rahman
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Frank Dobson
Poem: 'If You Were a Book:
For Frank Dobson'
HERO: Roger Moore
POEM: 'Moore is More!

Wendy Richards
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: Eileen Hunter
Poem 'Our Local Hero - my mother - Eileen Hunter'

Sudeep Sen
Camden Postcard Hero
Poem:'Remembering Rose Hacker'
(for Kim and Paul)

Joy Swaby
Rushey Green Time Bank
'My Favourite Heroine'
to celebrate Black History month

Brenda Stevenson
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO 1: Everyman
Poem 'Just an Ordinary Hero'
HERO 2:  John Betjeman
Poem: 'Sir John Betjeman Poet 1906-84  Poet Laureate'

Sandra Wheen
Fitzrovia. Poetry Workshop
Camden Postcard Poet
HERO: The Whitefield Street Wino
SONG: "The Whitefield  Street Wino Song"


FILM: Artist JoWonder
6 Days Goodbye Poems of Ophelia :

A Work In Progress by JoWonder

This project is an inter-active work-in-progress.
Please watch the YouTube clip
(Days 3 and 5 of the Good-bye Poems to Ophelia)
and write your own poems.

Ophelia, This is Your Mother:
the Secret of Love

(written by Bithi Das 01.10.2009)

JoWOnder's 6 Day Good-bye Poems to OpheliaYouTube video shows Days 3 and Day 5 of a living a painting created by bacteria* telling the story of Ophelia's death as a beautiful form of transformation a return to the landscape.

This long term project originally funded by The Wellcome Trust, uses stop frame filming of bacteria to create an animated installation of John Milles famous Ophelia painting.

This Work-in-Progress was shown at The Wellcome Trust Gallery, New Compounds Gallery, Euston organised by CreateKX. The final stage of the project will be projected onto a wall in Central London, UK, in 2009. The public during this period will be encouraged to provide their own text contributions to the work as goodbye poems which will appear within the installation.

The vast complexities of life processes which usually reside below the limits of detection of the human eye.

*Bacterial research created by Dr Simon Park
and music from Bacterial DNA by Milton Mermikides.


6 Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia A video installation by JoWOnder dedicated to the tragic heroine. Created with the scientific expertise of Dr Simon Park, Music by Milton Mermikides based on the genome structure of the bacteria.

The work in progress includes living bacteria and 'Ophelia' poems by:-

Annouchka Bayley, from her play 'Saoshyant'.

Bithi Das

Richard Niman

Kim Morrissey

Children's poems created in a workshop by Janet Plummer


JoWonder is a visual arts activist using the power of image to challenge established notions. She works with painting, print, sound and moving image. Her on-going project, Six Days Good-bye Poems to Ophelia is supported by the Wellcome Trust.
source: British Women Artists Profile of JoWonder

Janett Plummer is an accomplished performer and a multi-slam winner. She has performed at venues such as the Barbican, Tate Modern, Poetry Cafe and Paradiso (Amsterdam). A winner of the Gwendolyn Brooks Annual Award (2005), her work is featured in many anthologies including 'Flowers on a Shoestring' and 'A Storm Between Fingers' (flipped eye, 2007). Janett is the founder of Inspired Word - a women's writing collective, and she leads poetry and creative writing workshops for children and adults. Lifemarks (Mouthmark) by Janett Plummer was published in 2009.

From the website APPLES AND SNAKES:
Janett Plummer aka Melted Demerara is a poet and short story writer who brings sparkle to the stage during her live literature performances.....  A multi Slam award winner, who reached the UK Poetry Slam semi finals in 2006. .... With a background in theatre she is part of the poetry and theatre organisation Thea-poets and Malika's Kitchen.....  In demand as a writer in education, she teaches poetry and creative writing. She specialises in the social and emotional aspects of learning and writing. Using creativity to therapeutically boost self esteem and promote healing..... In 1994 she founded a charitable organisation for women focused on writing and positive mental health called Inspired Word.

Bithi Das is a founding member of the West Euston Time Bank Purple Poets and a former committee member of the Third Age Project. Her work has been read at London City Hall's Capital Age Winter Festival 2007, the Capital Age Southbank Summer Festival 2007 and most recently, to the Mayor of Camden at the Camden National Poetry Day Celebrations 2009. www.purplepoets.com

Kim Morrissey’s books include Batoche, Poems for Men Who Dream of Lolita, Dora: a Case of Hysteria and Clever as Paint: the Rossettis in Love. Mrs. Ruskin is forthcoming from Aark Arts. Kim is writer-in-residence for the West Euston Third Age Project and West Euston Time Bank Purple Poets in London. Recordings of her poetry are featured in the International Literary Magazine Atlas 02 (edited by Sudeep Sen) on the Saison Poetry Library site; as well as in various issues of painted, spoken (edited by Richard Price), also digitised on the Saison Poetry Library site.       http://www.poetrymagazines.org.uk/magazine/issue.asp?id=642

Annouchka Bayley began her theatre career as part of the KyoRyuKan Theatre Company in Kyoto Japan. She then trained in Lecoq Physical and Masked Theatre at LISPA, (London) Roy Hart Voice Technique at Pantheatre, (Paris) and Stanislavski & Method Acting at CityLit (London). She has travelled extensively in Mongolia, apprenticing in Mongolian singing with the Tumen Ekh National Folk Theatre, (Ulaanbaatar) and observing shamanic and ritual performance across the country as a whole. Annouchka has worked closely with the UK based company Escape Artists to develop and deliver theatre pedagogy to socially excluded groups. She is also a founder member and an artistic director for the Luxury Goods Group, London, which offers a platform for new artists and outsider artists to show and publish their work in London, (see www.luxurygoodslondon.com for more details.) She has performed extensively in theatre and voice and has written and produced several plays and is theartistic director of Shameless Theatre.She is the managing editor of THE MAWLANA RUMI REVIEW, a publication of the Rumi Institue, Near East University, Cyprus & The Rumi Studies Group of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, U.K. 

Richard Niman is a poet and artist. His work is included in British Surrealism and Other Realities: The Sherwin Collection, mima, Central Square, Middlesbrough (www.visitmima.com ) and his statue of Hitler, portraying Hitler as a little girl holding a doll , has been on exhibition at the Imperial War Museum since 1990. “The philosophy is to stand on your hear while appearing not to and simultaneously not to stand on your head while appearing to do so. By the same token the best art works are both the most luxurious and also the most necessary. Thanking God for this is purely optional."

If you would like to contact the artist for more information about the project please contact: jo@jowonder.com

(SOAS lecturer, writer and translator of Tagore)


HERO: Roisin Gadelrab
Camden New Journal

HERO: Michael Palin
who was launching his new book in Bath

Gareth Edwards
BBC producer
(Speial Guest, NPD 2006)
who was in a conference out of town

HERO: Urmi Alim
Third Age Project
who was in bed with chickenpox!

HERO: Josie Nakos
Greenlight Pharmacy
who couldn't leave the H-Pod
because Urmi was ill

HERO: Frank Dobson
who was in a meeting

HERO: Roger Moore

Dr. Lizbeth Goodman

Anna Birch
theatre director
The Wollenstonecraft Project

Councillor Roger Robinson
(out of town)

Councillor Penny Abraham
(in an inescapable meeting)

Camden Council Staff:
Margaret Humphreys, Caroline Bartram, Martin Cornish (PING), Lesley Ambler
(who were working).

JO Cammack
documentary film-maker,
at an international film festival
ON DISPLAY: a still from Jo Cammack's film The Time of Their Lives,
her award-winning BBC film featuring Rose Hacker, Hetty Bower, Alison Selford, residents of the Mary Feilding Guild, Highate

West Euston Partnership trustees

star      star      star      star    star


star Colin Shelbourn (designer of our NPD poster)
cartoonist and writer, Lake Windamere.
UPCOMING: 2010 design workshop with the Purple Poets

star Heather Spears - art exhibition of Camden Writers
poet and artist, Copenhagen
sketches from 10 years of the Cheltenham Arts Festival:
Beryl Bainbridge, Harold Pinter, Adrian Mitchell, Andrew Motion,
UPCOMING: International Womens' Day 2010
Poetry and Art workshop with the Purple Poets

star Marshal Seltzer - internet website mentor
graphic designer, Pennsylvania
(host of www.purplepoets.com)
PROJECT: Webpage Design
Creating Text Accessible webpages

-- e-mail conversations
with Cenlyt Designer Marshal Seltzer


with special thanks to:
star Bithi Das for designing the beautiful cloth Purple Poet banner for the entrance doors

with special thanks to:

star Katya Schmidt, for decorating the Town Hall Council Chamber hanging the drawings by Heather Spears, and designing the white and purple  paper banners:
Purple Poets
National Poetry Day 2009
Camden Heroes

star (with special thanks to Steve Merrick, for taking archival photographs, and to our own Tony Bloor,  for setting up the West Euston Time Bank and Third Age Project's video-camera,  and taking photographs throughout the event)


(Kim Morrissey in conversation with editor Rosemary Howes)

background conversation for an interview in the September 2009  issue of Camden's  Golden Gazette
(this is not the final article that appeared)

On 8 October this year, Camden's Council Chamber will ring to the sound of poetry.

West Euston Time Bank Purple Poets are hosting a celebration of National Poetry Day by inviting residents to write a poem on a postcard which will then be read out to the Mayor of Camden. Kim Morrissey, writer-in-residence with the Purple Poets tells us more

"As soon as I heard the National Poetry Day theme was 'Heroes,' I had a chat with the Mayor of Camden, Councillor Ansari, and I also discussed my plan with Margaret Humphrey of the Mayor's office. We agreed. What better venue than the Town Hall to celebrate the Borough of Camden's Heroes in poems? It's free.  It's wheel-chair accessible. It has microphones for people with weak voices. It fits  the William Morris definition of something acceptable: it's beautiful, and useful.

"Heroes and poets are all ages, and poets write in all languages. The Purple Poets would like readers to send us your own original poem on a postcard, using the theme of My Camden Hero, by September 25. We'll be inviting as many people as there are seats in the Council Chamber to read out their postcard poems on 8 October to other poets and heroes and the Mayor of Camden.

"This isn't a competition. The only prize is the gift of your time and your poems for the display. We want to encourage people to write down their thoughts and share their memories of their own Camden Heroes with us. It's that simple.

"Sometimes people think 'Oh I'm not a poet' or 'I don't have time to write a poem' but everyone has time to write a postcard, and everyone has a hero they'd like to celebrate. The choice of the postcard becomes part of the fun and we'll be donating the archive of the Postcard Poems after the event (so remember to keep a copy of your poem).

"Purple Poet Serajul Islam Molla said, after our 2006 National Poetry Celebration, 'I enjoyed every second of it!' and then he added, 'at my age, I can't afford not to!' I want every poetry celebration we host to have the same sort of joy, and delight in meeting new people and old friends.

"My own heroes include my friends Rose Hacker and Bernard Miller, Michael Palin, Kathy Randle, William Morris, Boudica, Kenneth Williams, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, George Orwell, Karen Givens, Jan Groves, and Sudeep anhd Priti's son, Aria Sen, aged 10. who showed me how to make 5 Minute Ice Cream for my Poetry on a Platter  Inter-generational workshops at the H-Pod (summer 2009, with the Purple Poets).

Heroes can be as unknowing as the cat at the hospice where my husband's aunt, Olivia Sandford (who was a hero, herself) spent her last weeks. Generosity of time and spirit changes lives. There can never be too many heroes, or too many poems.

"Every Thursday afternoon in September, The West Euston Time Bank Purple Poets are holding an open Poetry Workshop on Heroes, with me, in The Crypt Centre in Munster Square (1-3). Everyone is welcome and the Crypt is wheel-chair accessible. Come make your own postcard as well as your own poem! THE FEE: you will have to write at least one poem about a hero, and work with one of the Purple Poets to translate it into another language, for the display."

Since 2005 the Purple Poets have performed readings with Andrew Motion, Rose Hacker, David Neita. Sudeep Sen and Richard Price. So much good poetry and arts in general, happens on a local level and we should rightly be proud of the creative energy, time and commitment local organisations such as The Third Age Project put into 'the Arts'. For more information about The Purple Poets, and for details of upcoming performances, google 'Purple Poets.'

Please send your postcards to the address below
(and don't forget to keep a copy of your poem for yourself):
Tony Bloor and Urmi Alim
West Euston Time Bank, Crypt Centre
Munster Square, West Euston, London NW1 3PL
Phone: 020 7383 4922

2009 NPD poster


OR  er, PERMENANTLY RESIDE (i.e. are buried)

(with a list of poets who have also written poems to them)
THIS IS AN ON-GOING LIST. Please click here.


Every First Monday in October
is Camden National Poetry Day

Themes for each year are set by the National Poetry Day.
Postcard Poems are 100 words or less

join the Purple Poets and Friends
     for a public reading  in Camden - everyone welcome
All Poetry Readers (and Listeners) are invited.....


National Poetry Day 2012: Stars

National Poetry Day 2011: Games

National Poetry Day 2010: Home

National Poetry Day 2009: Heroes

National Poetry Day 2008: Work

National Poetry Day 2007: Dreams

National Poetry Day 2006: Work

National Poetry Day 2005: The Future

National Poetry Day 2004: Food


The Purple Poets
are inspired by the Co-operative Movement
and Edgar Kahn's 4 Core Values

Time Banks and Time Banking
The Four Core Values.

1. We treat people as assets.
We support the positive actions people can
and want to do for their community.

2. We are re-defining work
Regardless of the task,  
everyone's time is valued equally
we value whatever it takes to make
neighbourhoods safe and vibrant.

3.We reciprocate.
We require that everyone gives something back
ensuring all in our society have the opportunity
to be involved in their community.

4. We support the development of social networks.
These require ongoing investments of social capital
generated by trust, reciprocity and civic engagement.

The Poetry Library | Events | Poetry ReadingsThe closing date is Friday 25 September and we'll invite some of the postcard poets (and some Camden heroes) to a special free afternoon event with the ...

BBC - Poetry Season - Events - National Poetry DayReadings for National Poetry Day and a display of postcard poems at Camden Town Hall with the Mayor of Camden and special guest poet Alan Brownjohn. www.bbc.co.uk/poetryseason/events.shtml
London - National Poetry Day Regional Events Do you have a hero who lives or lived in Camden? Send the Purple Poets a poem about your Camden Hero on a Postcard! It's National Poetry Day on 8 October ...www.nationalpoetryday.co.uk/events/london/

Event - Poetry Landmarks of Britain - by TypeNational Poetry Day - Purple Poets Postcard Poems to Celebrate Camden Heroes. (Event) details: Do you live in Camden? Do you have a hero who lives or lived ...more.poetrysociety.org.uk/landmark/tdisplay.php?type=2

[PDF] camdennetworkFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
on 8 October. There will be an interview with the Purple Poets in the September issue of the Camden Golden. Gazette, with editor Rosemary Howes.

Purple Poet's Golden Gazette (editor Rosemary Howes)
* download: Golden Gazette autumn 2009 (PDF 504KB)

What's on in Camden Listing
Thursday 08 October
The Purple Poets' National Poetry Day Celebration
Camden Town Hall
Heroes on Postcard! A special reading hosted by the Purple Poets for the Mayor of Camden, Councillor Omar Faruque Ansari, with special guest poets Alan Brownjohn and Elaine Feinstein (and poets who have sent in Postcard Poems about Borough of Camden Heroes). Limited spaces still available. Please go to the Purple Poets' website for more details. www.purplepoets.com



(PRESS RELEASE:  with thanks to Katya Schmidt for the composition)


HEROES ON POSTCARDS - National Poetry Day in Camden 2009
This Thursday (October 8th) Camden Purple Poets host the HEROES ON POSTCARDS event for National Poetry Day. Camden based poets Elaine Feinstein and Alan Brownjohn appear as special guests and read from their work.

The Purple Poets' Heroes on Postcards Project is an ongoing literary adventure: we have advertised for people living in Camden to contribute a postcard-card length poem about one of their local heroes. Some of these poems will be presented at the event, as part of the programme.

The afternoon will also include the screening of the art video work-in-progress "six Good-bye Poems For Ophelia" by artist JoWONDer, whose work is supported by the Wellcome Trust.

In addition there will be a special display of sketches of five Camden writers, drawn by poet and artist Heather Spears at the Cheltenham Literary Festival over the years. (We will feature drawings of Beryl Bainbridge, Adrian Mitchell, Andrew Motion, Ruth Padel and Harold Pinter.)

The readings are scheduled from 2 to 3 p.m. in the Council Chamber of Camden Town Hall. They will be followed by Tea with The Mayor of Camden, Councillor Omar Faruque Ansari. Access is free.

Purple Poets are a poetry workshop and its members are part of the West Euston Timebank and Third Age Project.

West Euston Time Bank Purple Poets: The Poet's Calendar

For further information please contact Kim Morrissey, poet, playwright and writer-in-residence for the Purple Poets. e-mail:  (written to prevent spam)  poets AT purplepoets.com

Background on Guest Poets: (sponsored by a Camden Arts grant)

ELAINE FEINSTEIN (born 1930) is a poet, novelist, playwright and the translator of the great Russian poet, Marina Tsvataeva. Much of her material is drawn from personal experience, though set within the wider cultural contexts of her Jewish inheritance, feminism and European history. Ted Hughes said of her poetry: "She is an extremely fine poet… Reading her poems one feels cleansed and sharpened." Elaine lives in Camden.

ALAN BROWNJOHN (born 1931) is a poet, playwright, novelist, journalist, critic and writer of children's books. Alan himself acknowledges the moral purpose of his writing: "I write nothing without hoping it might make the world one grain better - a pompous statement which, I suppose, makes me a moralist as a writer, a humanist one." Alan lives in Camden.


CLICK HERE for The Purple Poets'  on-going poems
of  Borough of Camden Heroes
Send us a hero! Send us a poem!

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